Why Impact?

Impact doors and windows are specially produced to shield your loved ones from dangerous weather, would-be interlopers and loud noises outside your home. While detritus has the potential to crack the glass, each door and window contains a durable interlayer which stops the worst destructive elements from entering your home.

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The Benefits of Impact Glass

Hurricane Protection

Hurricane doors and windows act as a shield against flying debris. An impact window will hold secure in the frame, regardless if the glass is damaged.

Theft Protection

Unwanted interlopers will have a difficult time getting through impact windows. The laminated glass holds strong, despite cracks.

Energy Efficiency

There is a potentially high return on investment with impact glass windows. This includes energy savings, possibly lowering your homeowners-insurance premiums while increasing the selling price of your home.


Impact windows are a superior, modern and convenient alternative to outdated plywood hurricane shutters. They offer superior protection without the hassle.

UV Protection

The special interlayer present in each impact resistant window offers an effective barrier against harmful UV rays. This ensures that your carpeting, furniture, window coverings and artwork are protected from fading.

Noise Reduction

Say goodbye to noise pollution. Impact windows absorb and significantly reduce the sound of neighborhood disturbances, such as traffic, construction and barking dogs.

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More Than Storm Ready

Protecting your home and your family from hurricane force winds and extreme weather is only one benefit from having impact doors and windows installed. They also offer an extra layer of year round home security as well as energy efficiency.


Of break-ins are accessed through a first-floor window. *


Of UV rays are blocked out by impact doors and windows. **

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Is how often a break-in occurs. ***


Sound and intruder protection provided by impact doors & windows.


Is the estimated reduction in outside sound delivered by hurricane windows.
*Reader’s Digest, “7 Sneaky Ways Burglars Can Break into Your House”
Jacksonville State University
U.S. Department of Energy
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Protection From The Storm

Hurricane-force winds have the potential to be tremendously damaging on their own, but the flying debris (from lawn furniture to roof tiles) is what can cause the most concern. Any severe damage to windows and doors may lead to far more serious structural and water related issues.

Added Security

Impact windows and doors can offer extra peace-of-mind to your family. They may crack, but won’t shatter and they stay secure in their frame despite damage.

Peace & Quiet

Noise reduction isn’t always top of mind when choosing windows, but our impact resistant offerings provide excellent insulation against lawnmowers, traffic, barking dogs, airplanes and every other source of outside sound.

Smart Savings

In addition to providing priceless peace of mind, impact doors and windows tend to be an amazing investment. They provide year round energy savings and can boost the value of your home.